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IT vendors selling to Germany

Looking at the successful vendors who alredy sell to Germany since many years can help a company who starts thinking about selling to Germany. Therefore every month we introduce another international IT vendor who successfully sells to Germany. To make this more transparent we divided the market into different segments:
  1. Hardware

  2. Software

    1. standard applications

    2. individual software development

    3. other software

  3. IT-Services

    1. it administration

    2. process optimization

    3. coordination / management

    4. client services & support

    5. staff augmentation

  4. Data Center Services

    1. housing

    2. hosting

    3. monitoring

  5. Telecommunication

    1. worldwide data links

    2. other telco services

  6. Consulting, Training, Other

    1. consulting

    2. training

    3. technical translation

    4. call center

    5. CAE B2B Sales Outsourcing
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