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Online Sales

With the 'new economy' a completely new facette of direct sales is the online business. With Google AdWords advertising it is possible to attract people to the portfolio of a market newcomer if the right keywords are used in combination with an efficient website. Excellent knowledge of the German language and market (selecting the right keywords and advertisement messages, design of the related webpage) is the key for the success. A German marketing partner is therefore recommended for foreign vendors.
Some types of keywords (e. g. 'outsourcing') are already stressed too much with Google AdWords which results in high prices of above 2,50 Euros per click. In case you set a low limit (e. g, 0,20 Euro per click) your advertisement will never be shown.


  • relatively low invest
  • good possibilities for analysis through conversion tracking
  • no on site sales required 


  • not much awareness about client's pain, pain chain, individual demand and requests
  • not leading to a good personal relationship with the prospect

Who should do so?

While this can be a support for other sales approaches as well, it is possibly not enough for most businesses to achieve the growth goals. But especially for SAAS (Software as a Service), online portals and other internet business this can be a sufficient approach. B2B Sales Outsourcing
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