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Sales Approach

The German IT market is a mature market with thousands of participants. Vendors from abroad who start now to sell to Germany are coming late into this market. Usually they have 4 different approaches to start with:

Buy a German Company

Buying a German company is by far the most expensive, but also the fastest way to have success. Along with the German company you get an existing client base and a complete sales team. But a huge upfront investment is needed. Read more . . .

Indirect Sales Approach

Selling through German resellers promises quick results with only small upfront investment. But most forget that this usually works only with a local German support team managing the partners. Read more . . .

Direct Sales Approach

The direct sales approach needs a huge initial investment and patience, results in significant cost of sales but promises the best customer loyalty, margin and control. Read more . . .

Online Sales

With the 'new economy' a completely new facette of direct sales is the online business. With Google AdWords advertising it is possible to attract people to the portfolio of a market newcomer if the right keywords are used in combination with an efficient website. Read more . . .

Sales Outsourcing

Outsourcing the German sales activities along with either direct or indirect approach is the solution of choice for those who depend on fast results. Read more . . . B2B Sales Outsourcing
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