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Software Development Plan

The project manager (preferably the vendors) maintains the basic project development plan. Both parties must sign this document before starting offshore software outsourcing. This consists of three steps which are explained as follows.

Software Development Outsourcing plan

A detailed plan of the offshore software development outsourcing gives an indication that your work is being executed finely. The software development outsourcing plan may contain the details of the human resources involved, their skill sets and the time of completion of work at each stage. This software development outsourcing plan reveals the complexities and basics that may occur in the course of the project development and will help corrective measures to be taken, if required.

Software Development and Design Specification

Software development and design specification is peculiar to offshore software development outsourcing companies. The vendor, after creating a whole range of diverse alternate sophisticated design, must give the client an exposure to these designs. Later the provider can carry on the application design process and mold the design specification. Typical chapters of the document are:
  • Overview
  • Requisites for the system
  • Naming conventions
  • Database conventions
  • Diagrams and Parameter passing
  • Design priorities
  • Programming tools
  • Handling errors
  • Storage and description of data records
  • Functional Specification

Quality Assurance Plan

The quality assurance plan goes along cycles like Alpha criteria, Beta criteria, Final code submission criteria, Acceptance criteria and Alpha entry. Some of the salient points of the Quality assurance plan are as follows.
  • The vendor agrees on an alpha entry criterion
  • The vendor supplies quality assurance for Alpha submission
  • The QA engineers follow the acceptance test plan and report bugs to the software development engineers.
  • QA engineers further continue regression testing to ensure fixing of bugs
  • The incorporation of minor feature enhancements in the software, as agreed by the client and the vendor is done.
  • Final Code Submission, where both client & vendor agrees up on the final code submission.
  • Acceptance testing, the client performs acceptance testing of the software as specified by the QA test plan.
  • Operation guarantees the client a warranty period of technical support, which depends on the size of the project (normally 30 days).
  • Maintenance
Separate contracts are given for fulfilling requirements of the software application development like
  • Adding features
  • Giving technical support to the client
  • Project plan revised : The project plan is being revised in accordance with the needs that arise out of the design specification and Acceptance plan. B2B Sales Outsourcing
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