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Requirement Specification Documents

The Requirement Specification document for offshore software outsourcing is usually written by the buyer or by an external consultant working for the buyer. It contains:

The aim

This document furnishes the basic objective, along with details regarding the industry & software development team. This facilitates fast & simple inferences about your software project to find the well defined offshore software solutions required.

The goals

Goals are a list of the required outcome to fit various stages in the true solution and must be specified clearly.

The consistency factor

Issues dealing with compatibility has to be approached at the initial stage of a project & steps are to be taken to avoid complications. These issues come up when the software that is under development forms a part of the existing software or hardware system.

Prominent characteristics

The diversified features involved in the projects must be identified and defined, so that those involved in the development process, will clearly understand the various modules in the process.

Issues related to "look and feel"

The way in which the people visualize the finished product is subjective and cannot be well defined while developing e-commerce solutions. The revival of user interface in later stages will prove to be expensive, and will cause delay in delivery. Therefore, this must be clarified in the initial stages itself.

Support and maintenance

For some projects 365x24 support is needed. In other projects the availability of a contact via email might be enough. It is important that buyer and provider have the same understanding of what level of support and maintenance is expected.

Complete Documentation

The whole development activities involved, including logic & coding must be documented. A detailed user manual has to be prepared.

Terms and conditions

As this is a contract it is necessary to furnish all terms and conditions, to avoid controversies in future. The people involved in this deal can make inquiries in accordance with the completion of the document.

Usually requirement specification documents are written in English if the buyer is planning to consider offshoring. But reality often shows mixtures of English text with German process data or specific German wording. B2B Sales Outsourcing
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