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The Proposal is actually a refinement document usually proposed by the provider. This consists of the compromises and fade-offs made, so that the final output comes out in accordance with the buyers requisites. Time related matters like the winding time for the project development are fixed before the commencement. This stage also witnesses, both parties making their views crystal clear to each other, about their ideas, capabilities, risks, etc. This document furnishes:

The overall scope

This entails the picture of the buyers software applications from the service provider's viewpoint, e. g. how he has perceived the project and related requisites. It may also contain the views, limitations and suggestions from the part of the provider.

Payment criterion

The payment amount depends on two factors namely time and money. Normally offshore software development firms follow these payment models:

  • The provider charges for the man-hours spent on software development.
  • Both the outsourcing firm and the client agree on bulk payment for the completion of the entire application. Most of the firms handling offshore software outsourcing follow this method.
  • Both agree to pay at various deliverable stages.

Even if a proposal in English will be accepted by the buyer, a flawless proposal in German language can make the difference. It simply proofs that the provider is able to communicate clearly in the buyer's language of choice. B2B Sales Outsourcing
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