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Offshoring region Middle East

Those who think about buying offshoring solutions from the Middle East, we want to attract your attention to 2 countries: Israel and Palestine. 


Israel is a country which nearly has Western European standards regarding quality, but also regarding price. It is a very interesting technological region with many IT companies selling to all over the world. But the typical image of a low cost source of  IT specialists will not become true there.

An example of a hardware vendor successfully selling to Germany is Minicom Advanced Systems.


Palestine still is an insider's tip. It has a huge pool of graduated engineers, very talented and motivated people. Palestine only has 1 hour time difference to Germany and it takes only 4 hours flight for them to come here. Many graduates studies or worked in western European countries which made them aware of the culture, lifestyle and language. They usually do not have much choice regarding job offers in Palestine and therefore there is not much change in projects.

An interesting contact for those who think about buying IT from Palestine is PITA, the Palestinian IT Association (email).

An example of a staff augmentation provider successfully selling to Germany is ASAL Technologies. B2B Sales Outsourcing
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