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An Introduction to Offshoring

When German IT departments think about outsourcing processes to third parties they have the possibility to decide between national service providers (onshoring) and foreign providers (offshoring).

Onshoring vs. Offshoring

Onshoring providers often are not only located in the buyer's region. They occur to be in the same town or sometimes on the same piece of real estate. 

With offshoring providers it is differentiated between nearshoring and farshoring. With nearshoring the provider is located in a country near Germany, such as Tchech Republik, Poland or Hungary. Farshoring is related to providers from India or China for example. Often countries like Ukraine or Israel also want to be recognized as nearshoring providers, but the usage of these terms is not consistent in the market.

Offshoring regions:

Software Development Outsourcing

In the age of the internet there are theoretically no technical hurdles to outsource software development indepent of the distance between  buyer and provider. We currently focus on this mature market and provide detailed information about Software Development Offshoring:

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In a later stage you can expect that we will also provide information about other business processes being offshored. B2B Sales Outsourcing
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