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Online Advertising: All time High

The online advertising market in Germany had a new peak in 2009. Revenues with banner ads, pop-ups and streaming ads in the internet climbed by 17.8% to a new high of 1.5 billion Euros. This is the highest value since Thomson Media Control started in 2006 to monitor these activities.

The number of internet users still is growing and can be offered specificly to individual target groups. The internet as a reasonably priced and powerful advertising media was less influenced by the worldwide economic crisis than many other markets.

The fourth quarter 2009 was the strongest ever with a plus of 16.7% compared to Q3. Every year the time before christmas is the annual peak.

The most important clients in the internet are telecommunication providers and online services. They ordered adds for more than 400 million Euros. Media and Entertainment (198 million Euros), finance (195 million Euros), retail (192 million Euros)  and touristics (180 million Euros) follow.

Search engine marketing and affiliate marketing are not covered by this analysis provided by Thomson Media Control. B2B Sales Outsourcing
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