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German IT: Excellent Q1/2010

Germany's IT had an excellent first quarter 2010. After the difficult year 2009, the market is growing again and 2 of 3 vendors report a growth in revenues compared to Q1/2009. The big 5 German IT distributors and 3 big German system integrators all report an excellent Q1/2010.

Last year's IT investment backlog is dissolving. The consumer market continues to be strong, especially the sectors smartphones, mobile computing, and flat screen tvs. 

After these good news about Q1 the forecasts for 2010 have been updated. It is observed that German company's invest in IT systems is growing again. While the manufacturing trade still suffers due to the worldwide financial crisis, the financial sector (e. g.: banks, insurances) returns to be a leading investor. Also the energy sector and the public sector are recognized as strong investors.

Software vendors (14.5 billion Euro, +1%) and IT service providers (33 billion Euros, +2.2%) benefit most from the current trends: Cloud Computing, mobile Internet and the slow-burner IT security. The concept to use software and hardware performance on demand is succeeding everywhere.  Hardware vendors can expect the same market size as 2009 (17 billion Euros). Project growth is compensated by the price decline. B2B Sales Outsourcing
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