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Emerging Markets drive worldwide ICT markets

The aspiring countries in Asia, Eastern Europe and South America drive the international ICT markets. Despite the worldwide financial crisis these markets are growing rapidly, report EITO.

The strongest growth in 2009 was recognized in India with 10.5% up to 47 billion Euros. In 2010 the growth is forcasted with 13%. The biggest single market of the BRIC states is China with a volume of 137 billion Euros in 2009. The growth of the Chinese ICT market in 2009 was 3.6% and will rise up to 5.4% in 2010. The Chinese IT sector alone grew by 9% to 30 billion Euros in 2009, while telecommunication grew by 2.2% to 107 billion Euros.

A solid constant became Brasil over the past years. In 2009 their ICT market grew by 5.2% to 69 billion Euros.

In Russia the 2009 growth was 2.9%. The market size is 46 billion Euros. The Russian ICT sector is driven by the telecommunication, which had a growth of 5% up to 35 billion Euros. In the IT sector Russia was the only BRIC country with a decline. This sector declined by 2.8% down to 11.4 billion Euros. Due to Russia's dependancy to the worldwide commodity prices they are hit more by the worldwide financial crisis. B2B Sales Outsourcing
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