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German IT News

Changes: German Working Permission

2010-08-15: How foreign IT companies get the working permission for their employees to work on site in Germany.

German Online Advertising Market Growth

2010-07-30: Online adverting market grows by 28% in the first half of 2010 - already 912 million Euros total revenues until the end of June 2010.

Remuneration Eastern Europe 2010

2010-07-16: The results of the study "Remuneration Eastern Europe 2010", created by the management consulting company Kienbaum.

German Economic Situation Data

2010-07-07: German economic data reported by German public authorities: back on the growth track

Excellent Q2/2010 for German ICT sector

2010-07-02: 69% of the German ICT companies reported growing revenues in the second quarter.

Offshoring: Germany lags behind

2010-06-30: Offshoring is used much less in Germany which is identified to be a risk for Germany's ability to compete.

Lack of IT resources is slowing down Germany's growth

2010-06-15: Currently there are 20,000 open jobs offerings in Germany's ITC market. Every third company says that the lack of IT resources is slowing down their growth.

CeBit: The Heart of the Digital World

2010-05-26: CeBit 2011 'The Heart of the Digital World', 01-03-2011 - 05-03-2011 needs to have preparations started soon to make it a success for your next year's results.

Bitkom: Stable ITC Job Market

2010-05-18: The German ITC job market will remain stable this year. New employees are seeked especially in the sectors software and it services. Currently 846,000 employees work in the ITC sector.

Online Advertising reached an All-time-High in 2009

2010-05-11: The online advertising market in Germany had a new peak in 2009. Revenues with banner ads, pop-ups and streaming ads in the internet climbed by 17.8% to a new high of 1.5 billion Euros.

Updated EITO Forecast for Europe

2010-05-07: The European market research institute EITO published a positive forecast for Europe's ITC in 2010 and 2011.

Excellent Q1 2010 for German IT

2010-05-04: Germany's IT had an excellent first quarter 2010. After the difficult year 2009, the market is growing again and 2 of 3 vendors report a growth in revenues compared to Q1/2009.

Outsourcing: Price Deterioration Continuing

2010-05-03: The price decline in Offshoring projects ordered by German clients in 2009 was 8%. Another 7% is expected in 2010.

Emerging Markets drive worldwide ICT Markets

2010-05-01: The aspiring countries in Asia, Eastern Europe and South America drive the international ICT markets. Despite the worldwide financial crisis these markets are growing rapidly. B2B Sales Outsourcing
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