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German Public RfP Process

Tenders from German public authorities (government, states, cities, governmental companies) are based on a very formal process. If one prerequisite is missed, a bidder will instantly be excluded from the process. If all prerequisites are met, the filled quotation sheet will be analyzed by the buyer.

The RfP documents often define questions in 3 different categories:

Category A

In this category are requirements that have to be met. If the requirement is that the project manager has to speak German fluently and you reply 'no' with emphasizing that you offer a 30% price reduction as compensation, you are out of the race. It is not important whether or not you are excellent in all other topics or offered by far the best price. If you do not meet a single A-criteria your entire proposal becomes invalid.

Therefore this topic is quite simple: You have to provide the answer 'yes' to all A-criterias or otherwise you should not send in a quotation. Save the time and invest on other bids.

Category B

In this category you usually have to provide answers describing something that can be appraised by the buyer. He will assign a certain number of points and in the end the price and the points collected through these B-criterias will identify the winner (usually something like price devided by collected points). Buyers usually write that they will decide for the most economic proposal. This devidion of price through collected points is ment by this.

Category I

In category I you have to provide information. If you guarantee something here, it will be binding for you. But you will not receive a single advantage by doing so. If a certain information is requested and you do not provide the information, it will be negative for the bidder and can lead to be excluded from the process. But a different description cannot receive more points than yours as there are no points for this category. B2B Sales Outsourcing
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