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Where to find German public RfPs

There are many different sources of information and as an IT vendor you will deal with websites where most of the tenders are non-IT. But among the average of 100 new tenders per working day, you also find a mean of 7 IT tenders every day. Some sources include others - at least partially. And all sources are free of charge.

Before you invest time in bidding on these many IT projects, you should understand the process and meet their requirements.

German Government

Each office publishes their RfPs on their own individual website. But as this is confusing for everbody, the government provides a summary of all these public RfPs: BUND.DE-Ausschreibungen

16 German States

Each German state has individual preference of how to publish their RfPs. Here are the most common sources:

With most of them you can sign up and receive an email whenever an IT related RfP is published. B2B Sales Outsourcing
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