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Before you work on an RfP

You see a public RfP on one of the websites of the list and compare the technical requirements with your company's capabilities. You recognize that it matches well, you have related references and more reasons to convince the client, and you have the internal ressources to work on the proposal. But do you really have a chance to win that deal?
Most likely your competitors already built a good relationship with the client. They possibly influenced the RfP in a way that everybody else has severe problems to win it. Or the current provider can reuse existing hardware for the new contract and therefore is in a pole position. Such reasons can destroy all your chances you otherwise might have had. You should seriously consider all this, invest some time to investigate the current provider, try to ask the client if he really is open for a new vendor, especially one from abrod. And check if you can find phrases or requirements in the RfP document that give your competitors many more possibilities than you. All these early investigations are a good investment as you also learn a lot about your target market through these activities. But avoid to waste your internal resources on producing detailed proposals when there is absolotutely no realistic chance to win the deal.

If after all the considerations mentioned above you still think that it is worth to invest the time to create a detailed proposal, you should know about the formal prerequisites of German public RfPs. These can vary. Provided below is a list of the most common required statements and certificates. 

Details to enable the buyer to verify that the requirements are met

Bidder's self-portrayal

A summary of the bidder's vision, mission and goals, the purpose of the enterprise and the introduction of the management.

Statement regarding the use of subcontractors

You can declare that you will not use any subcontractor or in case you want to use a subcontractor, you have to provide the name and contact details along with all the documents you also have to provide for your own company (these are listed below).
Depending on the RfP a bidding consortium can be accepted. All participants of that consortium will then be liable for the entire deal size.

Reliability Statement according 7 a Nr. 2 VOL/A

In case a bidder was convicted to one of the delicts listed below, he is not allowed to participate in a public RfP process.
  • creation of a criminal association in Germany or foreign countries
  • terrorist activities in Germany or foreign countries
  • money laundering
  • financial fraud
  • economic subsidy fraud
  • corruption
  • not paying public dues

Reliability Statement according 7 a Nr. 3 VOL/A

Usually bank statements prooving the bidders standing are expected. These statements should proof that the bidder has the solvency to work on a project of the RfP's size. This overlaps also with the topics mentioned below 'Revenue Report'. Also the certificate to meet certain quality standards or specific requirements can be requested.

Statement regarding industrial property rights

The bidder has to declare that he respects German and international property rights.

Scientology Protection Statement

The bidder has to declare that the company is not influenced by the Scientology Church and that no member of the company's management is a member of the Scientology Church.

Statement regarding children's work

It is not allowed to offer products which are produced with the help of children. Even if the products offered are prduced without the use of children, companies can be excluded if the use children for other products.

Revenue Report

Report about the bidder's revenues (in total and related to the product/service offered) for the past 3 years. usually the annual reports of the past 3 years are expected.

Certificate for a liability insurance

The bidder has to proof that he has a valid liability insurance. The amount depends on the type of business and the size of the RfP.

Statement regarding social security contribution and insolvency

The bidder has to declare that all social decurity contribution has been payed and that there is no insolvency process with the bidder's company. Often a statement from the authority who runs the register of companies becoming insolvent is required.

Reference List(s)

If not specified different, it is usually expected that the bidder had at least 3 comparable contracts in the past 3 years with each contract of at least the RfP volume. Only contracts with the same sort of products/services as requested in the RfP are relevant. Other references will be ignored.
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