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Selling to Public Authorities

Selling to public authorities often is hard for German bidders as in such tenders only the lowest price is the winner. Once an RfP is published there is not much possibility to bring in your unique selling points. But foreign providers (especially offshoring providers) have their unique strength related to very attractive pricing. Why not trying to win some of the public tenders?

German RfPs are available for everybody

The Requests for Proposal (RfP) of German public authorities are published in the internet and are readable by everybody. We reveal how to find them. Read more . . .

Before you work on an RfP

Most of the time German RfPs are written in German and usually expect a proposal written in German only. But there are many more prerequisites to be met. Read more . . .

German Public RfP Process

Understanding the German Public RfP Process is important as it increases your chances to win a deal. Read more . . . B2B Sales Outsourcing
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