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German Project Brokers

In Germany we currently have some 70,000 IT freelancers offering their services either directly or through service providers (project and job brokers). Such brokers are:

They all have a well updated huge database of German freelancers and many account managers being in contact with German clients. If you have resources who match these prerequisites, these brokers are an excellent multiplier for you:

  • excellent IT knowledge and experienced proven by references and certificates
  • willingness to work on site in Germany
  • availability of related visa and working permission

Instead of letting resources sit on the bench, offer them through a German broker.

You should already have prepared all information about the prerequisites before you start to contact them. You then enter the CVs of the resources you are offering into their database. Invest some time to do that reasonably and emphasize the right keywords which enable the resource to be found. The more resources to enter, the better - but quality is a must. And do not forget to specify the languages the resource masters. German is often, English is nearly always a must. And be honest with all details - overdoing here doesn't help you. It only produces work without receiving results.

If they have a matching project they will contact you (by email or phone), and you should be able to react really fast. In many cases your resource is sitting in the plane to the customer's site the very next day. Availability is one of the important criterias.

These brokers usually need all-in-prices for the requested site, typically a town in Germany. These prices already need to include all costs and expenses (flight, hotel etc.). We collected some typical price ranges for you which you can find here.

Be honest

A company from Ukraine offered a resource in a German IT project. The German decision maker gave feedback: The resource is a good one with the required experience in previous projects, the necessary certificates from Microsoft and Cisco - but he has no university degree. And, so the German contact said, this is an important requirement in this particular role they currently were discussing. The provider from Ukraine said, that this definitly will not be a problem. It will only take him one week and the resource will have the required document from a local university for the required diploma. He absolutely did not understand why this single answer resulted in the German decision to never again consider a resource from this partner.

Mentality in different countries can be very different. And it might be an accepted approach in the Ukraine to provide diplomas which were never achieved, and possibly selling them enables a poor university there to teach many other students. But buying diplomas is illegal in Germany and even more important: it is absolutely unacceptable for Germans. And it immediately disqualifies a partner for all future projects.

If you try to build a relationship with a German business partner over the distance, do everything to proof that you are serious and honest. Never say 'yes' where you should say 'no' only to keep your foot in the door. It will definitely not help you. B2B Sales Outsourcing
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