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German IT Market Knowledge

German IT Market Overview

The German IT market is the largest in Europe and number 4 in the world (behind US, China and Japan). We inform about trends, landscpae, sales of computer, software and services. Read more . . . 

German Market Characteristics

 The German market has some characteristics: local business, language and law. Read more . . .

Germany: In the Heart of Europe

Excellent infrastructure resulting in short travel times and best connections to the rest of Europe are the bis advantages of Germany. But where to be in Germany from a business point of view? Read more . . .

Selling to Public Authorities

German public authorities (cities, the individual states and the federal government as well as the companies owned by them) have to publish their RfPs. Many websites provide information about their projects. This produces covetousness at foreign vendors who think this might be a possibility to sell to them. But there is a lot you should know before you try. Read more . . .

Selling through German Brokers

You want quick sales results without the cost of  a German sales organization? Selling through German brokers can be a good approach. Read more . . .

Average German Hourly Rates

Do you know about the average rates German IT professionals are earning? Read more . . . B2B Sales Outsourcing
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