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Hans-Peter Brill

Hans-Peter Brill

managing director of SELLto.DE

writes about his opinions, observations and analysis of the IT, the German market and the offshoring business.

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2010-09-08: Different Mentality

About included services and warranty

2010-07-08: Euro vs USD

Since a month the Euro is climbing again. What does this mean for selling to Germany?

2010-06-25: UWG and Cold Calling

Germany has a very specific law called UWG (Gesetz gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb), the law against unfair competition. For those who want to sell to Germany, Hans-Peter described the relevant aspects and provides concrete workarounds.

2010-06-07: Watch your competitors

As a foreign solution provider in our days you have excellent possibilities for identifying and watching your competitors.

2010-06-01: Be different

If a provider enters a mature market late, the best approach is to be different. Hans-Peter shows concrete examples and action points for German RfPs.

2010-05-27: Revealing the Trick:
This makes an Indian Company successful selling to Germany

For foreign vendors selling to Germany can be very disappointing - but also very profitable if you know how. Today Hans-Peter reveals his unique approach.  Read more . . .

2010-05-21: German Public Holidays can be confusing

Monday (May 24th, 2010) is a public holiday in Germany. It is called'Pfingsten', in English 'Pentecost' or more religious' Whitsun'. A current survey revealed that 87% of German students do not know what pentecost is about. Even more difficult it might be for foreign salesmen trading with Germany. Read more . . .

2010-05-19: A booth at a fair is good to increase cost of sales - but not enough to sell into a new market

A trade show can help to increase your German business - if it is one part of a well thought campaign. Read more . . .

2010-05-17: US vs. China - a very German Point of View

For many years I worked for US companies. We lived in quarters. When I first heard about chinese companies' 5 and 10 year plans it sounded much like the business plan of the former Eastern Bloc states. But the longer I worked with Chinese companies the more I had to recognize their specific advantages. Read more . . . B2B Sales Outsourcing
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