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How to sell IT to Germany

Germany is the biggest European market and number 4 in the world (behind US, China and Japan). This is the reason number 1 for making Germany an interesting target market for IT vendors from abroad.

The German IT market shrinked a bit in 2009. But Germany was hit by the worldwide financial crisis much less than many other economies in the world. The common understanding is that the market shrink of 2009 was mainly caused by the delay of many projects. Most of these projects will be executed in 2010. Based on that for the year 2010 we expect a growth by 5%. This is reason number 2, why the German market is so interesting for foreign vendors.

Germany has a lack of IT resources. This is a huge risk for many IT projects. The right answer is the usage of foreign resources. This makes Germany extremely interesting for IT offshoring providers.

This site explains the difficulties of the German market, presents market news and background information, reveals trends, describes promising approaches and related contacts, provides current tenders and introduces examples from vendors successfully selling to Germany.

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